Free Stuff

Free Stuff

Raise your hand if you like free stuff…freebies!

About every 6 weeks for the next several months we will be drawing someone’s email address to get something from Ally’s gypsy boho bag of goodies. You never know what this could be, an antique wooden spoon, my homegrown and dried herbs or maybe something I’ve found at a consignment, antique or junk store! This would be something that I’ve personally picked up along my rambling path or at the ‘Grand Bazaar’ in Istanbul  Believe me, it’s something that I’d love to keep, but I want to share with you, my tribe.

To enter:

  • Leave your email in the box below
  • Tweet, Pin, or FB a shout out that you’ve ‘…joined the Boho Tribe..’ or do all three!  It’s easy…just use the share social media buttons at the bottom of the page!
  • If you win something, hey, please come on back and share a comment with all of us about what you got!  

Free StuffYou only need to do this once as we will be randomly drawing names from the whole list.  Remember, we want to spread the love, so you can be selected only once/yearly.  Shipping is limited to the continental U.S. unless I can ship economically globally–I know you understand!

AND oh yeah, this is only for the tribe at my website…we will not be sharing or selling your email addresses to anyone.  Lastly, I’m not going to inundate your mail box with stuff–so not to worry!

I’m on the worldwide search for groooooovy things (yep, this birdie pin!) and here’s a start–more goodies for my giveaway gypsy bag to come!

See the ‘Boho Tribe Free Stuff’ board on PINTEREST, too!



Giveaway #1~~ Lucky Bohos I sent a treasure to…Jenn, Nicole, Donna and Debrah!
Giveaway #2~~Lucky Boho Beverly who lives in the UK will be getting a treasure from my gypsy bag!
Giveaway #3~~Lucky Bohos who’ve gotten Oikos coupons for FREE organic frozen yogurt…Denise, Sue, Donna, Dreama, Bob, Rick!
Giveaway #4~~Lucky Bohos are getting Oikos coupons and others are getting something from my gypsy treasure bag…Diane, Carol, Michelle, Brandie, Tony & Liz, and Soni!

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  1. I love that you have goodie bags to give away…I can only imagine what you pick up on your culinary adventures.

  2. we like to follow a lot of free recipes/giveaways

  3. I subscirbed and posted on FB. I love social networking, it allows me to find people who I share an interest with. It’s so much fun. Thank you for sharing a part of your life with us.

  4. Grandmereb Lovestobake

  5. Sounds great- thanks! :)

  6. As usual everything looks DELISH Hon! xoxox

  7. this sounds wonderful. Thank you

  8. Magic fairy Sprinkle, Ally <3 Thank you!

  9. Ooohhh…I’ve got my eye on that frozen yogurt. Crossing my fingers that I’ll get one of those coupons. :)

  10. Thank you and blessings to you

  11. Ally, you are just way cool! :)

  12. Hi Ally! What a beautiful prize! Cheers!

  13. Ally, I have so much fun on your site, I’d love to win the drawing from your BoHo Bag of goodies!

  14. Glad I found your site. Have a great day

  15. Ally, I’m in the tribe… as you know! I’d love to win something outta your Gypsy Boho Bag of Goodies. I am an actually Gypsy, in spirit and ancestry. I’ve tweeted and FB’d. xoxo

  16. Hi, would love FREE stuff. Shared on Facebook, my personal page and page/blog!

  17. Yes please, twitted and shard on FB!

  18. I pinned, tweeted and shared on FB. Love your blog!

  19. Forgot to say posted on FB!

  20. How fun! Am a proud member of the tribe. Always enjoy your posts and recipes

  21. Hey Ally!! Just shared, tweeted, liked and commented!!! Wooohoooo!!

  22. Yes please ! Twittered, facebook and joined website! Voila !

  23. I am following you by email, I think I already was?! I am already part of the greatest group evah!! Boho Tribe Rocks! Nettie

  24. Love these!! they are soo cute

  25. Such great stuff! Pick me, please!

  26. Cindy Tilley-Johnson

    I joined and shared on Twitter! Thanks!

  27. so cool! great stuff Ally!

  28. Signed up & shared!

  29. What a great giveaway…. Shared on Facebook… will do my personal and fan page, pinned and tweeted ( Thanks for the opportunity.

  30. Tweeted, FB’d, pinned it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  31. I joined through FB

  32. You rock for doing this. I’ll share this on FB.

  33. loving the chance to win! tweeting now!

  34. :) wonderful idea Ally! You KNOW I will be passing this along

  35. I tweeted! I FB’d…and I pinned! xoxo

  36. Done and Done! It’s great to be Boho!

  37. Love you Miss Boho USA! xoxo

  38. Love your page. Very creative and the food, yummy!

  39. Liked and shared on FB! :) Love your site!!

  40. Subscribed via email and FB. hhared on FB.

  41. Love it you BoHo Gal. Always creative. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

  42. Signed up for the Boho Tribe and twittered it!!! woohoo!!!

  43. Love me some Ally and her Boho life!

  44. How fantabulous is this?! You’re AWESOME, Ally girl!

  45. I tweeted – – – so embarrassing for a dog!
    But, it made my inner-person smile!!!!

  46. I’ve joined the Boho Tribe for free gifts
    great job Ally !

  47. Entered and will share on on FB :)

  48. Hey Ally, Lily and I are fans. We saw free so decided to follow you. Lily would like you to know that she wants to try to win a

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