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My Recipes

My trademark cuisine is described as “Bohemian Bold” I like creating simple, albeit sophisticated, dishes that are hearty and robust. I think ‘peasant’ food can become chic and gourmet with some creativity! Using easy-to-find ingredients and fresh foods—vegetables in-season, traditional cuts of meats, seafood, fresh herbs, spices and seasonings, then fashioning unlikely combinations into an eclectic ‘new’ dish that has traces of other cuisines—Italian, Greek, Creole, Southern (European, African and Native American), Mediterranean, Asian, etc. My Bohemian Bold trademark cuisine is casual, great for entertaining and intended to wow the eye, tease the taste buds, be yummy for the tummy, and leave a person wanting more.

You can view my recipes one of two ways: Click on one of the links below or head back to the navigation, hover over ‘Recipes’  and click on whatever your little heart desires!!



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Welcome to my kitchens…a place where we chat, eat, share, laugh, make messes, clean up messes…you get the picture.

my kitchen

my kitchen