Boho Fellow Foodie Interviews

Boho Fellow Foodie Interviews

Welcome to my addictive, zany and sometimes pathetic, as in ‘rrreeeeeally’, world of food! Foodies are a unique, to say the least, group of humans. Can we categorize foodies? Well, yep, I think in some ways—there are the nutritionists, the gluten-frees, the vegetarians,
the vegans, the grillers, the bakers, the cupcake makers, the Southern belles, the jams and jellies, the hell braisers, the BBQ kings and the canning queens, the ethnics from Italian, Mediterranean, Indian, and Mexican to the Brits, the Slavs, the Middle Easterners—then of course, there are the many pockets of cuisine in the expansive parts of the good ol’ USA—and I’ve just named a few.

During my adventure into the universe of food via Facebook, blogging, my website and being on MasterChef Season 2, I have come in contact with rabid foodies from all walks of life—doctors, lawyers, punk rockers, nurses, mommies, daddies, students, engineers, accountants, brick masons, sanitation workers, soldiers, performers, dancers, actors, teachers, firefighters, the unemployed, the looking for employment, the retired—all share the same DNA, but we have an exclusive extra pair of chromosomes, number 24, which means we were destined for mutation into the world of food. Come visit with me as I unravel this chromosome and the thousands of genes, each of which contains information for a specific trait!

Boho Fellow Foodie Interviews

A Freakin’ Real-Life Indiana Jones who Speaks His Mind!

A Freakin' Real-Life Indiana Jones who Speaks His Mind!

This guy caught my attention immediately in the Facebook Food Universe!  First from his zany profile picture~~I just knew that behind this mischievous smile and look on his face, there was a backstory ready to explode!  and then the second thing that sealed the deal for me was subscribing to his blog and reading over several months his posts~~I would nearly pee ... Read More »

Dx: Celiac Disease~~A New Career is Born!

Like a phoenix out of ashes, many times in life, when something hits you in the gut and looks to drastically change your life, how do you handle it?  Do you let the situation control you or do you take charge and control of the situation and make your life even better?  It’s always intriguing to learn how someone gets ... Read More »

This TeaQueen Blogger & Author is ChinDeep in Life!

This Author TeaQueen Blogger is ChinDeep in Life!

Imagine the tons of manuscripts publishers get all the time from budding authors.  How in the world do you catch the eye of a one~~one who’ll really read your creative genius, your work of labor, your baby, so to speak?  If you’re this bubbly gal, you find a compelling quote…one that speaks to the soul of the publisher!  “When you ... Read More »

A Real Army Wife Full of Zestuous

A real army wife

When I started this interview/post, I only knew this zesty ball of energy virtually…yep, she’s my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram co-addict foodie friend.  We’d talked by phone (you’ll have to read her post to see what that conversation was about!), so I had a voice with the face.  But, we’d never met face-to-face until November 1st 2012!  And, just how precisely ... Read More »

The Foodie Physician~~Skill with a Scalpel & Santuko


When God was handing out brains, she got ‘em. When God was handing out, beauty, she got it.  When God was handing out culinary talents, she got ‘em.  It’d be so easy to be pea green envious of her, but when God was handing out kindness, character, passion and soul, she got ‘em, too!  So, you just gotta know that ... Read More »

Lisa’s Dinnertime Dish~~Music Therapy with Her Knife!


She’s trained as a ‘Music Therapist’ but you won’t find her hands on a piano—you’ll find her wielding a sharp knife because she’s admittedly a knife snob. She sings in a praise band with her husband and son who both play guitar—and, yes, she’s minus the knife!  She’s Scandanavian.  But, she swears she must have some Italian DNA somewhere in ... Read More »

Sumptuous Spoonsful~~A True Engineer in the Kitchen


Just how many ‘usability’ engineers become a pioneer woman home chef of sorts.   A gutsy South Dakota girl who’s wired for success!  Since making her debut on Facebook in July 2011, just 14 months ago, she’s been like a pied piper foodie with t0-date over 12,000 followers!  Ann’s page is Sumptuous Spoonfuls, and getting to know her has been one ... Read More »

Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen…A Woman of Substance


She was diagnosed with breast cancer and after four months of wallowing in bed feeling sorry for herself, she discovered blogging and that changed her life!  This is ‘Bobbi’s Kozy Kitchen,’ and I call her a true ‘woman of substance.’ She grew up on TV dinners, boxed meals and fast food! Her mother’s “go to” dinners. included things like Monday night ... Read More »

Dixie Chik Cooks! One Fiesty Foodie!

Dixie Chik Cooks! One Fiesty Foodie!

She turned down an invite from Bruce Willis to have a drink with him!  (Ya might notice a ‘Demi’ look!)  Interested in reading on?  Let me just throw out some adjectives and see if you’re further enticed to read on…sassy…classy…fiesty…firey…and purrdeee as a brown speckled puppy!  Yes, and by profession she’s a nurse…but by passion, she’s a home chef.  Meet ... Read More »