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Boho homes are places that ‘speak’ to you when you walk in! What does that mean? Well, simply that there’s a collection of energy that emerges not from how neat or clean the place is, but by how diverse and exhilarating the things are in the home. It’s more than just furniture and accessories—it’s the entire adventure and journey of finding the things you put in your home. Each and everything has a ‘story’—in other words, it speaks to you…that’s a ‘Boho Home Place.’

A Boho home embodies a mindset, a certain thinking, an attitude, and a belief in oneself. It’s an expression of what’s inside of you. This introspective self is communicated externally by the choices you make in how you ‘live’—there’s an earthiness, a warmness, a welcoming, a feeling that the people that occupy this space are people that I would like, want to be friends with, enjoy a glass of wine with and good conversation.

Here are some thoughts about Boho homes—remember, you create from the inside to the outside…

  • There’s no such thing as the ‘right’ way—whatever works for you is the right way.
  • It’s all about feeling free, unshackled, and spirited.
  • It’s mixing of colors, patterns, textures, styles—the ‘packaged’ or cookie cutter, what you’d expect, doesn’t work.
  • There’s classic Boho that works for you regardless of age—I’m not taking grunge or nasty-looking ‘hippie’—I’m talking chic, peasant, classic and memorable. You might have that have old patina Coco-Cola bottles with freshly cut wildflowers sitting on an expensive antique table.
  • There’s a blending of cultures, ethnicities, nature and the world in Boho styling. There’s also a connection with retro and our past bringing it to the present and celebrating from ‘whence we have come.’

Boho homes are an intermingling of exotic and relaxed, classic and trendy, present and past, global and local—you can always put a touch of ‘Boho’ in your style…whether it’s the Ball or Mason jars that you drink from while you dine on your fine Lenox china—make yourself interesting…bring yourself alive…set yourself free! There’s beauty in everything if you allow it to break free of the conventional.

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