Old Bay Green Beans

Green beans seem to find their way on many holiday tables~~not sure why, but probably one of the most popular recipes is the one with mushroom soup and crispy onion topping~~yeah, the ‘Green Bean Casserole’~~oh, yes, that’s good, but this recipe is better!

Healthier and easy to prepare, these ‘Old Bay Green Beans’ have a subtle kick to them~~the whole  bean version is beautiful to serve, and they have a slight onion flavor albeit without the crunch.  But, if you want that aspect then by all means sprinkle on some of the crunchy fried canned onions before serving!

Old Bay Green Beans

Serve: 6

What you need:

6-8 cups frozen whole green beans (I used organic.)

(Note:  You could use frozen Italian green beans or fresh~~I do NOT recommend canned green beans.)

3 tbl extra virgin olive oil

3 tbl butter

1/2 tsp sea salt

1/s tsp coarse ground pepper

2 tbl dried minced onions

2 tsp Old Bay seasoning

Old Bay Green Beans

What you do:

Put the frozen green beans in a large bowl of water and let them thaw quickly.  Drain well in a colander.  Over medium high heat in a heavy large skillet (cast iron preferred), melt the butter then add the olive oil.

Add the green beans and toss with tongs.  Combine the salt, pepper, minced onions and Old Bay seasoning in a small bowl and sprinkle over the green beans.  Toss and coat with the seasonings.  Cook about 10 minutes.

Reduce heat to low, cover with a lid, and let them simmer/cook another 20 minutes.  Toss a couple of times with the tongs.  Turn off heat and let the beans steam about 10 minutes.  Ready to serve!

Old Bay Green Beans

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2 thoughts on “Old Bay Green Beans”

  1. Green beans with Old Bay… I knew I could count on you to combine two of my favorites in a new & unique way! (Can only imagine how good this will taste when fresh green beans are back in season, too — a quick steam, followed by a saute & a sprinkle… sigh.) I’ve made many a Green Bean Casserole over the years ;), but your revised edition appeals to me immensely. Thanks, Ally!

    1. Oh, my Kimmmeee, these beans are to DIE for!! I’m telling you, that casserole will be but a fleeting memory! They’re even good at room temp or cold…I wolfed ‘em down, and the next and next days, well, if there’s any left, oh yeah…fabulous!! xoxo

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