Gifts for the Passionate Home Cook ***hint hint***

OK, I admit, I have a ulterior motive  for writing this blog, and I’m hopeful that those who like to give you and me gifts~~hint hint family, kids, friends…birthdays and Christmas~~read it!

If you’re like me, you may cycle cooking tools and kitchen stuff from pots and pans to plates, serving pieces, linens, equipment, etc.   I mean new things are always coming out—improved, more state-of-the-art—then, of course, there are other things that I’d never part with and regardless of how it looks, like my Mom’s colander—dented, lopsided, and rickety, and metal discoloration—I’d never replace it because every time I use it, my Mom is right there with me.  This colander is a work of art, a thing of beauty, and it can never be any better regardless of what IKEA, Williams & Sonoma, or a fancy kitchen store could try to sell me.

Gifts for the Passionate Home Cook  ***hint hint***

BUT, there’s a more noble cause for this blog~~and, that’s for YOU, my blogger luvs, my foodie addicts who make the kitchen you respite, your domain, your place of solace and refuge!  Yes, you get it!   Make sure you pass this blog on to others who want to buy you something~~maybe they’ll get some ideas, AND, by all means leave a comment with something on YOUR wish list!

Here are just some of my ‘Boho Picks’ from my store online~~you can go there and check them out~~all in one easy place!

Finishing Salt ~~ oh, this is so perfect!  I know in my many food competitions and in working with professional chefs, this is a secret they use to finish off a dish.  There are all kinds of them, so get reckless and go for it!

Scrape Shovel~~one fell swoop & it’s done!  Perfect when dicing, chopping, mincing, and more!

Popover Baking Pan~~I have so much fun with this baking pan…I’ve done popovers, eggs, pasta, angel food cake, and more coming!

Silver Dollar Waffle Grill~~This is one thing I can’t live without~~from desserts to waffles…I haven’t tried eggs yet…hummmm, new idea!

Flour Sack Towels~~just love the naturalness of these!

Tagine~~it’s a Biblical ‘slow cooker’ and adds a flair and mystique to your cooking that will wowzeee your family, friends and guests…plus, they’re just so darn purrrdeee on the table when you serve!

Really Really Good Knives~~there are lots of options out there but having a few core excellent knives is for the cook what a well-tuned race car is for NASCAR!   And, yes, they’re pricey.

Jerusalem~~A Cookbook~~in love with the photos and the foods…I have ‘Plenty’ and want want this new cookbook!

Asian Blue Dragon Oval Serving Platter~~the detail and interest in this platter will make for a conversation piece!

A Big Wooden Cutting Board~~Something that I couldn’t live without in my kitchen~~nothing’s worse than a skimpy little cutting board even if you’re just slicing a cuke!

Middle Eastern Spices~~expand your culinary experiences & cook with me using some global flavors!

French Rolling Pin~~you’ll think you’re in a Parisian bakery with this beauty & it’ll be handed down for generations!

Le Creuset Signature Enameled Cast-Iron 5-1/2-Quart Round French Oven~~yes an investment & I want it in Marseilles blue!

Vagabond Vintage Handpainted Moroccan Square Dishes set of 4~~way too whimsical and so many uses!

Marrakesh Tea Glasses~~I’m so in love with these I could just POP!  I’ll use them as my wine glasses, too!

Moroccan Handmade 9-inch Multicolor Blue and White Small Plate~~I’ll start with one and add more and more~~handpainted, exquisite works of art.

Japanese Sumi Bowls with Chopsticks Gift Set~~go ahead live rebelliously and serve chili in these cuties, too!  Keep adding to your stash because there’s nothing better than us experimenting with Oriental cuisine!

Gift Cards to stores like Williams & Sonoma, Pottery Barn, IKEA, Sur le Tab, World Market, Home Goods, TJMaxx, Target~~all have unique and special kitchen/eating stuff!

Online Gift Cards ~~ click here ~~ and, let’s not forget, your local shops in your necks of the woods!  And, there’s Kitchen Collection and Amazon!



4 thoughts on “Gifts for the Passionate Home Cook ***hint hint***”

  1. Santa surely must have put you in charge of the kitchen section at the North Pole, Ally — your gift suggestions are fun, colorful, whimsical, and every home cook’s dream. Recently I was delighted to find a variety of salt at a local shop (yes, here in the boonies at last!) and treated myself to some pink Himalayan… early Christmas gift. :) I also love your Mom’s colander — what a treasure! Mixing old with new is the best way to infuse lovin’ into every recipe. xo Merry Christmas!

    1. Oh, Kimmmeee…you’re gonna love playing w/the Himalayan salt…I love to just finish most dishes off w/a light sprinkle…really makes flavors pop. Yep, Moms’s colander has seen some better days, but the dang thing still works like a charm dents and all…Merry Christmas my sweet treasure <3 xo

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