World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category


I held my breath when I decided to see what my scores were in the World Food Championships.   Like an ostrich, I just wanted to put my head in the sand~~NO!  I don’t want to relive and re-visit that night!  The competitors in my category were fierce, talented, creative, and many are my good friends~~pitted against those that you immensely respect is the ultimate race!

My hands were getting clammy.  My heart was racing.  Yeah, it was that dramatic.  I knew the mistakes I’d made~~some really fatal execution errors in my third recipe build.  Ironically, I felt really confident about my first two builds; however, when I saw my scores, the judges didn’t quite agree with me.

I could have kicked myself with the third build  I mean I’ve cooked pasta all my life and never messed up the way I did at WFC~~I’m not even going to go into what I did, but trust me, when I saw these scores I was pleasant relieved~~it wasn’t as bad as I thought. {I don’t have to hang up my apron, go into hibernation, hang my head in shame, tatoo a big ‘L’ for loser on my forehead!)   Nonetheless, I know that the execution mistakes I made in that 3rd build for the Top 10 cost me at least 3 or 5, maybe more, points.  Despite ending up in the top 5~~the thing that totally flabbergasted me was that my ‘signature’ build scored lower, and significantly so, than my ‘structured’ build.  Go figure.

I’m sharing with you some photos of dishes I created in preparation for this competition~~maybe you’ll guess which I used for the actual competition!

This experience is something I wouldn’t trade for the world~~despite the ups and downs, highs and lows, four nights of not much sleep, the stress and pressure, there’s just something about pushing yourself to the edge of life’s limits that makes you realize what you can really do~~be not afraid because from the edge, you see the new possibilities! 

Enjoy some of my time in Vegas~~click here!


Place Competitor Signature Dish Structured Build Top 10 Score
1 Beth 86.25 83.75 77.8889 80.73334
2 Suzanne 94.625 90.375 70.8889 79.53334
3 Michelle 83.75 77.5 76.1667 77.95002
4 Mike 83.25 89.5 70.6667 76.95002
5 Ally 77.875 86.7 70.8333 75.41498

World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category

World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category

World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category




4 thoughts on “World Food Championships~~Top 5 in the Recipe Category”

  1. Ally,
    I tasted your dishes and they all knocked my socks off. Competition was tough. I would be happy to skip the fine dining in Vegas and pull up a chair at your dinner table any day of the week.


    1. Ha ha! Adam, thank you!! And, I must say, they were equally as delicious…it’s just what tingles the judges’ palates…really appreciate you good buddy! xo

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