Dx: Celiac Disease~~A New Career is Born!

Like a phoenix out of ashes, many times in life, when something hits you in the gut and looks to drastically change your life, how do you handle it?  Do you let the situation control you or do you take charge and control of the situation and make your life even better?  It’s always intriguing to learn how someone gets into serious cooking as in becoming a well-known, respected and in demand home chef, photographer and foodie blogger.  I mean why does one choose to do this~~it’s a simple answer, the love of food and the passion for sharing your knowledge and talents!

Sherron’s journey into food blogging has lead to Simply Gourmet, a platform that showcases her food photography and her culinary creations that are not only gluten-free, but designed for those with Celiac’s Disease.  Four years ago a diagnosis of Celiac disease threatened to keep her out of the kitchen; however, through perseverance and a great desire to continue cooking, she learned the art of gluten free cooking and baking….it was a tough first year, but she made it!

When I first launched my page on Facebook, I was immediately drawn to Sherron’s page because of her incredible photography~~this girl had a creative and stunning eye for not only food, but colors, layout, design, plating~~everything that I knew I needed to become better in the world of food blogging.  Over time, we became friends beyond just the cursory acquaintance~~I vividly remember our first phone conversation…we must have talked literally over an hour jabbering on and on about life, our backgrounds, and our mutual love of food.  Since then, Sherron’s been a coach for me sharing her knowledge and talents making me unequivocally a better food blogger!  OK, enough of my jabbering~~grab a cuppah coffee & let’s talk with Sherron!

Dx: Celiac Disease~~A New Career is Born!Sherron, I know you’ve lived a full life~~what have you done in the past few years that has changed your life?  Three changes come to mind; they were both life changing and self-healing.  The first change was huge; I left a church that I had belonged to for 25 years.  My views had changed and I needed a fresh start. The second change was when we decided to sell everything and buy a motor-home.

We traveled the US for one year with our family (2011). The final change has been my blog.  With the first two changes, I found myself refreshed and eager to start a new adventure. Simply Gourmet was created and it has been a wonderful ride and the best adventure.
Dx: Celiac Disease~~A New Career is Born!

Alright now, if, and that’s just hypothetical,  you didn’t like cooking with the passion you do, what would you be doing?  Oh this is easy.  I would be a quilter.  I am a hobbyist currently but find myself dreaming about the day I may write a quilt book.  I love it!  It allows me to create, build and finish a project that is reflective of who I am, where I am and how I see my world.  Through colors and patterns a story comes to life.  It is a part of myself that I can leave to my children and share with friends.

I always love this question, Sherron, because it can be handed down to young people now grappling with life~~if you could give your 16 y/o self a few pieces of advice (knowing what you do now), 558100_10200602376011722_791362874_nwhat would that be?  My advice would be: to live life to its fullest, to be kind, don’t judge, volunteer your time, hug those you love often, be patient, don’t settle for second, don’t be afraid to ask, cry once in a while, study harder in school, be open to change, and some day you will find the man of your dreams and you will go on to lead a happy life, have three great kids and find great success.

You’re one talented home chef, just how would you describe your style of cooking?  My style is reflective in my blog title, simply-gourmet.  I am on the dash most of the time,  preparing everything from a simple meal of macaroni and cheese to a gourmet feast of making puff pastry from scratch.  I believe in cooking from scratch for most of my meals, and you will find that in my recipes, very few things are made using boxed or processed items.  This is a personal choice because of the food allergies that I have, and it it is one way that I can control what I eat.

From your experience in the kitchen. what is the most valuable advice you can offer other would-be chefs?  I don’t have just one piece of advice but rather a process of how to become who it is you want to be as a chef.  I would suggest find your passion, run with it, learn all you can in that area, practice, share with others, ask questions, and find a group of like minded people to help you reach your goal.  Never for a day think you have learned it all because there will be someone that will remind you that you have not.

Dx:  Celiac Disease~~A New Career is Born!Your style is unique, how would you describe the style of food that you prepare/serve?  Your culinary trademark cooking?  This has evolved due to the fact that four years ago I had to go from a wheat diet to a gluten free diet.  It changed how I prepared almost every item in my recipe collection.   My style of cooking is gluten free and my dishes are made gluten free or are naturally gluten free.   What is the difference?  One cookie is often made with rice flour instead of wheat.  A different cookie, is made with nut butters and no flour at all; this would be defined as naturally gluten free because I did not have to substitute one flour for another.

I could talk on and on, Sherron, so if folks want to know more about you, what are your Social Hangouts!

Twitter: sgpbysherron




I couldn’t wait to see what Sherron wanted to share with us~~I mean her food is so totally drool-worthy!  She’s created a universal love recipe!  ‘Bacon, Jalapeno & Onion Jam!’  As Sherron says, it’s  one of my favorites on the blog, and it’s delicious by its self, topped on a cracker served with cream cheese or included as an addition to your favorite burger.

Dx:  Celiac Disease~~A New Career is Born!





8 thoughts on “Dx: Celiac Disease~~A New Career is Born!”

  1. Oh Ally, thank you! You tied everything together so naturally and beautifully. I treasure our friendship and I have learned just as must from you in these past few years. I wish we lived closer so I could just “hang” with you some time…maybe this summer. Thank you again and I cannot wait to share with my friends at Simply Gourmet your wonderful write-up of little ol’ me. <3

    1. Sherron! What an honor to showcase you, your talents and the snippets of your inspiring life you’ve lead and are leading! Yes, I wish, too, we were closer, so we could hang out…but roadtrips can happen!! I know how busy you are and sincerely appreciate and value this beautiful interview! xo Ally

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