Kibbutz…Springsteen…Savory…Cupcakes~~A Foodie with Panache!

Even though we’re separated by a big pond, as in the Atlantic ocean, I have developed a deep and close connection to this foodie via Facebook, with both of us being part of The Boho Tribe, and following her delicious sweet creations.  I’m sure if we were to meet in person, there would be a natural and warm bonding~~we’d laugh, share stories, trade menopause escapades, blabber on and on about our boys, raising sons,  Kibbutz...Springsteen...Savory...Cupcakes~~A Foodie with Panache! working hard to stave off the woes of aging and gravity and being empty nesters~~we’d, for sure, be like two giggly teenagers enchanted by each other’s lives and the magic of being so much alike~~my British dame sister is a work of art, a lady of beautiful class, and a woman who’s inspired me to ‘ride for the cure’ yet another year.  Someday I shall meet Beverly, known to many as ‘Something About Cupcakes’, in person, explore her historic village made famous by Robin Hood, and sit in her kitchen tasting her wickedly fabulous cupcakes!

Beverly, so what have you done in the past few years that has changed your life?

If you asked me 10 years ago where would I be now there would be 2 completely different answers. Almost 9 years ago I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.  MS doesn’t define me as a person it has just come along for the ride.  In the past 4 years my sons now 24 and 22 left home and went to University.  So I decided to go back to work part time in Doctor’s Office.  I still enjoyed  baking but didn’t have as big an audience at home as I did when the boys were there so my work colleagues became the recipients of my baking.

Ally’s thoughts~~’Wow, lucky duckies in that doc’s office…imagine having Beverly come to work probably weekly with treats in hand!’

OK, tough question if you had to re-invent yourself, what would be doing?

If I had to reinvent myself I would be a full time photographer and baker.  My love for baking and photographing my cupcakes has been a great distraction from many things in my life such as having MS which I was Kibbutz...Springsteen...Savory...Cupcakes~~A Foodie with Panache! diagnosed with almost 9 years ago and the fact that we are now empty nesters.   Both of our sons have gone to University and are now living away from home.  Our younger son is in the middle of his Architect Degree and often criticizes my photographs, but I welcome it.

Ally’s thoughts~~’Can’t even imagine having this diagnosis, especially later in life, and how it would impact your life…it doesn’t define Beverly nor any of my several friends who have MS…’

What’s a juicy tidbit about you as a person, you now, your past?

Hard to believe but I am more a savory person than I am a sweet person.  So I have to rely on Greg to be my taste tester.  He always says he needs more than one cupcake to make sure he is tasting it correctly. When I was in my late teens I spent 2 years on Kibbutz in Israel where I spent half the day in the kitchens (I was in charge of making salads for 1500 people) and the other half learning Hebrew. Oh an I am a big Bruce Kibbutz...Springsteen...Savory...Cupcakes~~A Foodie with Panache! Springsteen fan.

Ally’s thoughts~~’Geeze, Greg, tough job, and how in the devil do you stay slim…what an experience to have worked in a Kibbutz…I’m always enthralled with the colorful backgrounds of foodies!’

Kibbutz...Springsteen...Savory...Cupcakes~~A Foodie with Panache! What do you do to inspire yourself/your cooking/new dishes, recipes?

I have so many pieces of paper by my bed, in the car and on the kitchen table with designs of cupcakes.  I have to write them down as soon as they come into my head or a forget them.  I  love walking around the supermarket looking at different flavours and ingredients as well as checking out you foodies on line. So it is a combination of many resources.  Facebook became my platform for sharing photographs of my cupcakes and thank you to Ruth for encouraging me to do so.

Ally’s thought(s)~~’No idea who Ruth is, but she gets a big ‘attah girl’ because I wouldn’t be doing this interview nor know this adorable girl!’

What is the most valuable advice you can offer other would-be chefs?

I consider my sons to be would be chefs as they love to eat healthily and exercise on a regular basis as I do.  When baking follow the recipe  exactly how it is written but go wild on the decorating, that’s where your Kibbutz...Springsteen...Savory...Cupcakes~~A Foodie with Panache! personality can flourish. When cooking be as creative as you can with local and fresh ingredients and most of all enjoy the whole process.  Oh don’t forget to take a picture before you eat it!

Ally’s thought(s)~~’OK, what did I do wrong with my boys…only one really eats healthy, one borders on it, the other is on and off with healthy eating…and only one really loves veggies…hummm, too late to worry about it since they’re now filing their own tax returns!

Which dish or dishes are your personal favorites and why?

I was asked not long ago by Tara to post a family recipe from the Heart on her page.  I had to think hard about this one because my mother never really taught me to cook/bake but she did give me a recipe that she has had for many years.  She told me to keep it for myself and not share the recipe with anyone. As this cheesecake is a family favourite I decided it was time that others had the pleasure of the recipe after all that’s what baking and cooking is all about.  So my recipe today came from my mother whose name is Hart to you from my heart.

Ally’s thought(s)~~’Now this is so cool…a vintage recipe…love love love it!’ 


 Hart Family Favorite Cheesecake 



Kibbutz...Springsteen...Savory...Cupcakes~~A Foodie with Panache!









4 thoughts on “Kibbutz…Springsteen…Savory…Cupcakes~~A Foodie with Panache!”

  1. Thank you Ally…you are an inspiration to me and I thank you for creating BoHo so that we can meet more like minded foodie friends. It really is a small world and we have so much in common to share and learn from. love you xoxo

    1. Beverly…you are so right on this being a very small world and despite being thousands of miles apart, on different continents, different languages and ethnicities, we all have the food as the common thread that creates our love for each other…you are one special girl xox love you more!!

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