Paying it Forward in 2013~~Foodie Bloggers to Get to Know!

My good foodie friend Jenni whose blog is Pastry Chef Online wrote a thoughtful post about showcasing our fellow foodies~~identifying special bloggers that mean a lot to  you that you just want to shine a light on.  These are bloggers who may not be the next Food Network star, have stats that are off the charts, but they are motivating  captivating, and charismatic bloggers who inspire so many!  They would give Pioneer Woman a run for her money!

I’ve been doing this in a different sort of way in 2012 and now into 2013 with theFeatured Foodies‘ interviews.  If you haven’t met them, read about them, then you’re missing out big time because these foodies have impacted me, my culinary world, my spirit and soul in so many unique ways.

Paying it Forward in 2013~~Foodie Bloggers to Get to Know!
There are, undoubtedly, so many many talented foodies on Facebook~~you get to know some very well, the good friend category, some as acquaintances, and then others only fleetingly as in hitting their ‘like’ button on their page.  New pages, blogs and websites are popping up daily.  Then there are foodies out there who don’t have blogs or websites, but they have a panache and talent that blows me away!  Food is truly our international human bonding thread~~it’s right up there with air and water~~here are some loved foodies who have touched me, brought me great joy, taught me much, and given me more than I could have ever have expected!  Thank you for being there for me!  And, I must admit, it was hard to stop at just a baker’s dozen foodies!

I sure hope you’ll go visit these foodies at their blogs and follow them on Facebook~~you won’t be disappointed!

Michele from La Belle Cuisine~~a person who never tires with her encouragement, sharing, and promotion of good friends, good food and happy living!

Soni from Mess Hall Dining~~she’s mama to 10 awesome kids, so you know she can cook…plus, she focuses on ‘mess halls’ as in military eats which is mighty special!

Kim from A Little Lunch~~a soulful spirit whose pithy words in her blogs and posts can evoke huge emotions from my soul and spirit!

Karen from Crystallized Flower Company~~when you look up generosity in the dictionary you see her mug shot…what a love…and a true artist with edible flowers and plants!

Kc from Chat n’ Dish~~the dainty and beautiful lady who makes me wish I had a French accent and could ‘throw together’ beautiful dishes without any seeming effort!

Chantal from Let’s Eat~~a littl’ girl with a big heart and and the ‘older’ generation soul and spirit…giving and giving with no expectations…truly a gem!

Lauren from Lauren Kelly, Certified Nutritionist~~this beautiful mom with 3 precious boys exemplifies what my life was like and for that I live vicariously through her remembering so much…thank you!

Bia from Rich and Sweet~~my saucy and spicy Brazilian love who inspires me with her cooking, her life, her adventures!

Lynn from Southern with a Twist~~a Southern ‘belle’ full of piss n’ vinegar who can whip up some mean, authentic Southern food!

Jenni from Pastry Chef Online~~undoubtedly a wicked sense of humor, knows what she’s doing in the kitchen, and not bashful about doing it…plus, she’s quite the teacher!

Terra from Cafe Terra~~health inspector extraordinaire, loves her kitties, and whose hubby is in cooking training while she cracks the whip!

Shabnam from FlavornSpice~~a precious soul who came into my life in such an unexpected way and there was an instant connection!

Lisi from Chef-Lisi~~a foodie who  has overcome obstacles and challenges that make most others’ woes pale in comparison…the reality of survival!





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