She’s Written her Euology & Designed her ‘Last’ Meal!

The first thing that drew me to Mia on Facebook was the name of her page~~Mia’s Domain~~not only is the name ‘Mia’ different, I mean I’ve only known one other and that was Mia Farrow (like I knew her!).  And, the choice of word, domain…I mean only Jerry Seinfeld made that word a household moniker!  After getting to know her, these are perfect words to describe her~~she’s truly one of a kind~~a Wanna Read her Euology~~Know what her last Meal would be? keen sense of humor, bright and articulate, feisty in every way she leads her life, and one prolific home chef whose food also conveys her spirited personality!  Sitting down with Mia, I knew was going to be like none other…someone who was ready to tackle the hard driving and direct questions~~you’ll get to know her, for sure, once you listen to what’s going on in this beautiful woman’s head!

Mia, I’m gonna ask you a tough question…what would you want said at your eulogy? 

Mia was scary smart and not afraid to show it. She was tough, but also compassionate. Driven, but also fun and funny. Competitive, but also empathetic. Restless and patient. Curious and playful. She 307659_442746775781232_696116284_n
had a husband who was totally devoted to her in every sense of that word. Her true soulmate, a man that marveled at everything she said and everything she did. He let her rip and he let her roar and he loved everything about her. She embodied all of the attributes of a perfect mom. She was caring, thoughtful, hardworking, compassionate, loving and so much more. Mia loved deeply and without reservation. She loved and adored her friends. She was one hell of a cook. She loved hosting dinner parties for her family and friends and you could always get a great glass of vino, or, as she called it, “Happy Juice” at her house.

You are so well-known via ‘Mia’s Domain’ , Mom and wife, what defines you as a person other than a kitchen/cooking and family?

Wanna Read her Euology~~Know what her last Meal would be? “THINKING” defines me. Thinking, pondering, wondering, discovering, enlightenment, seeing things as they really are (not necessarily as I want them to be), creating, considering facts, dreaming, imagining, looking at the possibilities, calculating, weighing the consequences, evaluating, and striving to go in my mind where no person has ever gone before.

OK, if I’m gonna really tick you off, what would I, or anyone else for that matter, have to do? 

Text at the dinner table!

***Putting away my cell phone right now, Mia!*** lol!

When did your love of food and cooking start?

I can not remember a time when food wasn’t important in my life. As a young child, I would sit on the kitchen stool and asked my Grandma a ton of questions about food and hoped that she would leave some cake batter in the bowl for me to lick. She eventually got tired of my many questions and had me help her at around the age of 6. She showed me the basics and the importance of nutrition and cooking with fresh ingredients.

How would you describe your style of cooking?

Simple yet refined. Always from Scratch. Passionate.

What would you choose for your last meal on earth and why? Wanna Read her Euology~~Know what her last Meal would be?

I would love a whole day devoted to eating the best Japanese food with my family and friends. Fine beverages for each serving outside, comfortably lounged under the shade of a large tree overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a hint of autumn in the air. A series of gentle classical music playing in the background. The day ends with the most spectacular sunset casting a soft glow of contentment. These elements defines me so it’s a fitting end.

Mia, where do readers go to find you…I know you’re a social media buff! 


Twitter –

Pinterest –

Blog –

Facebook –


Wrapping up this interview, Mia, what, my dear, have you chosen from your vault of amazing recipes to share with us?

Gluten-free ‘Date Caramel Banana Cake’! 


Wanna Read her Euology~~Know what her last Meal would be?






14 thoughts on “She’s Written her Euology & Designed her ‘Last’ Meal!”

  1. Awesome interview! Love getting to know more about Mia and the personality behind all that amazing food on Facebook and Pinterest!

  2. I love reading these interviews! Mia is an amazing person,cook, wife and mother. I love Mia’s Domain for the insightful information that is shared and Mia’s passion is always felt through her recipes—for that, I always go back for more.

    1. Boy, you’re right, Sherron, the passion of her food is driven by her feisty personality…I, too, go back for more more more!! Thank you always for visiting!! xo Ally

  3. Dear Ally I love your interview questions and they help us get to know our fellow Foodies that little bit more…I would love to sit down at a table all afternoon and into the evening getting to know you all better. Mia, I love your sense of adventure with food but most of all I love how much fun you are having with it too! xoxo

    1. Beverley…you have such a special way w/words…yes, I would love having time w/you, Mia, and so many of our foodie friends…we’re all a patchwork quilt of rich backgrounds that spin far beyond food…that’s the magic of our Boho tribe…as always, thank you for being such a treasured spirit in my life xox Ally

  4. Forgive me for what I’m about to say, but it’s the only thing that puts my thoughts into words!

    Ally Girl… You are my heart and you are ‘Bohemian Bold’!
    However, Mia… You are Bohemian Ballsy! Wide open and straight forward! LOL
    Love you both!
    Lynn ~ Southern With A Twist

    1. Dear Lynn!! I LOVE it!!! You are soooooo right!! And, put so eloquently by only you, the goddess of words! Love you, girl!! xo

    1. Oh, Mia, you have no idea how much I’ve enjoyed reading your words so many times…you’re a star in my book!! Thank YOU! xo

  5. Wow, she wrote her own Eulogy? I am very impressed for sure! Mia is pretty fantastic, and makes some gorgeous treats:-) Thank you Ally for sharing about the lovely Mia!!! AND OH MY MIA, that cake sounds AMAZING! Hugs, Terra

    1. Terra, baby girl, she’s ahead of the last curve in life! I think we all should have fun doing something like this! Thank you for swing by and sittin’ a spell!! xoxo Ally

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