Around the Kitchen Sink~~Talking about the World Food Champsionships

What cool beans it was to be asked by Heather of Basilmomma: A busy Mom that Likes to Cook and host of ‘Around the Kitchen Sink’ to hang out and chat with her about the World Food Championships experience.  Not only did I call in and talk, but Christie from Zestuous, my teammate sous chef at the WFC, was there, too, and special guest Ben Vaughn of Food Network’s ‘Health Inspectors’ show…Ben was a judge at the final table of the WFC, so his perspective came from another venue that of chowing down on what the seven winners of each category had prepared.  It was cool to meet Ben, snap an Instagram picture with him and become one of his BFFs via Twitter!  Click to listen up and hear my Southern twang, Christie’s crisp Midwestern accent, and Ben’s angelic voice chatter away with Heather, radio talk show host extraordinaire! Here’s the November 9th 2012 podcast!  Click~~



2 thoughts on “Around the Kitchen Sink~~Talking about the World Food Champsionships”

  1. Ally, that WAS a fun show to listen to! Loved hearing your “twang” :) — it suits you perfectly and I can’t imagine you without it! Good times on ATKS!

    1. Kimby!!! So glad you adore my twang! It’s part of me that I just can’t get rid of despite trying (I mean casting directors do not really relish Southern twangs!!)…reckon I’ve got it for life…hey, Chef Chiarello loved it and said so!! Thank you for listening in…I know how busy you are!! xo :)

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