Frozen Brandy Blueberry Tartlet

If you’re looking for something healthy, refreshing, relatively low calorie, then you’ve got the right recipe right here.  It’s something that is quick and easy to make, requires nothing on the stove top or oven, and if it melts, no problem, it becomes a drink instead of a tartlet!  You can do these ‘Frozen Brandy Berry Tartlets’ with frozen berries, too, so it’s not just a summer dessert or snack when fresh berries are abundant!  Plus, this Frozen Brandy Berry Tartlet has a healthy amount of the ol‘ ‘little blue dynamos’ in it, which are full of the good DNA booster stuff!

Frozen Brandy Berry Tartlet

Makes: 4-6 frozen tartlets

What you need:

2 1/2 cups fresh blueberries (divided)

1 cup raspberries (can be frozen)

1 cup cherries (can be frozen)

¼  cup brandy

1 tbl lemon zest

2 tbl lemon juice

½ cup plain Greek yogurt

¼ cup sugar

1 cup fresh blueberries  (for topping)

4-6 tbl heavy cream

4-6 fresh mint sprigs (just the tops)

Frozen Brandy Berry Tartlet

Frozen Brandy Berry Tartlet

What you do:

In a bowl, mix the blueberries, raspberries and cherries with the brandy.  Toss and coat and refrigerate overnight.

In a food processor, combine the marinated berries/cherries. Lemon zest, juice, yogurt and sugar and blend until creamy.

Pour equal amounts into the tartlet pan—if there’s any leftover, cheers!  You may drink!  Top each tartlet with some of the blueberries, drizzle about a tbl of heavy cream on each, and put a sprig of mint in the center.  Place in freezer until frozen.  When ready to serve, remove, let sit a few minutes and pop out and serve on a dessert dish with a cookie, serve over a bed of European lettuces, top with a scoop of ice cream—be creative!

Frozen Brandy Berry Tartlet

Frozen Brandy Berry Tartlet

©Alice D’Antoni Phillips    Ally’s Kitchen