The Boho Egg Thingy

When I buy something my mind is always racing.  By that I mean I’m swirling in ideas as to how I can use whatever I’m buying differently, unconventionally…something that it’s typically not intended for.  That’s what ‘boho’ thinking is all about…seeing something and creating new uses or venues for using this ‘thing!’


Such is the case with this cool boho egg thingy holder that I found at one of my favorite stores, Anthropologie…oh, that store is totally addictive nd The Boho Egg Thingy bad for me.  I’ve even considered creating an ‘AA’ page on Facebook–that would be ‘Anthropologie Anonymous’…for those with like addictions to the store who go in just to browse and who can’t leave without finding at least one goodie!  It’s always humorous to me when I check out and the person may not ‘recognize’ me (no pun intended!), I’ll be asked if I have an ‘Anthro’ card.  I just look at the person with this dumb mindless and blank stare and want to say, ‘Actually, when you swipe my Anthro card, fireworks, bells and whistles will go off!’


Of course, I don’t, I just smile and usually respond, ‘Oh, yes, and when you put it under that little red infrared lighty thingy to click me, careful, bells and whistles could go off as I’m one of your most devoted fans and have been since your inception!   Corny, huh?  But, it’s always fun, breaks the ice, opens some conversation and gets an extra smile from the person.  Now, back to the eggy thingy…so, I posted this on FB asking what other uses it might have, and the ideas came a rollin’ in…these are just some of them, and I’m always open to more, will photograph them (well, if I can!) and add to the gallery…open your mind, see the impossible, imagine the non-traditional…put your Boho head on!

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