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Figgy Preserves from Rich & Sweet

Figgy Preserves from Rich & Sweet
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In this life of being a foodie blogger, you meet the most incredible people–your relationships are mostly virtual, nonetheless, over time you get to know them in deeper ways than just a recipe or food porn pictures.  You learn who people are, what interests them, you learn about their families, when they’re having a bad day, when they’re going on vacation, even where they went and what they did, and you learn that some have fig trees in their yard, and they’re the creators of prolific jam-preserve making!  I’m talking about my foodie luveee, Bia, who’s blog is ‘Rich and Sweet‘   She’s a saucy Brazilian girl who’s got an enchanting personality and a heart of gold!  So, when she posted that she was making fig preserves, which I love, I was green with envy.  What did Bia do?  She packages up some fig preserves and ships them to me!  I was soooooooooooooooooo excited and moved!  Not only to get these luscious preserves, but to know that Bia was the kind of special woman I had suspected.  Here’s the link to Bia’s figgy preserve recipe!  Rich and Sweet!

Figgy Preserves from Rich & Sweet


Figgy Preserves from Rich & Sweet




3 thoughts on “Figgy Preserves from Rich & Sweet

    1. Ally Post author

      Your figgy preserves were literally gone, well, there’s a tad left, in 2 days!! So, yes, your secret password to your bedroom is ‘MORE Fig Preserves’!! xoxox Can’t wait!!

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