Little Boho Peep Chair

Give and you shall receive.  You’ve heard that a zillion times, right?  Well, it’s true!  I had my SUV filled with ‘stuff’ to take to Salvation Army retail store in our area.  So, I pulled up to the rear of the store, where they accept deliveries and drop offs.  As I was finishing unloading and depositing my items, I spotted a little forlorn looking chair sitting next to the dumpster.  I named it my “One Little Boho Peep Chair.”

When I saw this chair I saw stars, butterflies started to flutter around my eyes, and my heart was singing!  It was a work of art.  It was a thing of beauty with it’s layers of chipped paint.  It was a chair that had seen so much in its life.  I wanted this chair!   Finding it was like an unexpected gem that had come into my life.  While others only saw a dilapidated and useless little chair, I saw a masterpiece with so many options for using it.  Boho styling is the quest for finding things in life that speak to you, that make your heart flutter then race with exhilaration.  I was ready to pay whatever for that little chair!

I just knew if it was in the Anthropologie store, it’d be pricey, indeed.   So, I promptly walked back into the store and inquired about the neglected charmer wondering what I needed to pay for it.  To my surprise, it was free!  Ready to be discarded, hence, next to the dumpster.  I felt like I’d hit pay dirt, and this darling jewel promptly went into the back of my car and now has a lovely warm and exciting home.  I can’t tell you the pleasure it has brought me–I’ve taken so many food glamour shots on this littl’ Boho chair, and it’s uses are endless, so here’s just a few pictures of ‘Little Bo Peep’ chair!
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8 thoughts on “Little Boho Peep Chair”

  1. Forgive my typos above please!
    I’m sure your treasures would be just gorgeous and can’t wait to see the pics! Cheers xx

    1. I can also picture a large Boho rag doll adorned with plenty of jewellery at home on that chair…

  2. How about draping it with a colourful (English spelling, )hand made quilt or crisp, white, lace-edged linen?

    1. Janet…that’s a great idea…could put it in any room…I do have some of my grandmother’s hand crocheted things as well as quilts…will do and photography! xo Ally

    2. In Tasmania we call the “the Salvos” or “the Sallie Army” (actually, I think it’s a very Australian thing to shorten everything we can. The chair is beautiful!

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