The Fairy Tale…Making Ganache

What’s making ganache and a fairy tale have to do with each other.  The short version is that I’ve always wanted to be up close The Fairy Tale...Making Ganache and personal watching a professional chef cook.  I got this chance by winning the Campo Viejo ‘Color Me Uncorked’ contest for my recipe entry. To bring you up to speed on this adventure–I entered a contest sponsored through Campo Viejo wines of Spain.  I won said contest.  The grand prize was a celebrity chef coming to my home to cook a multi-course dinner for 10.  Celebrity chef?  Anthony Sasso of the Michelin-star NYC eatery Casa Mono Bar Jamon. The grand prize?  A celebrity chef comes to cook in your kitchen and prepare a 6-course dinner for you and 10 of your friends.  We had this magnificent affair in our home in the Rockies in Colorado!

Lucky me—I got Chef Anthony Sasso of the Michelin-star restaurant in NYC ‘Casa Mono Bar Jamon.’  Anthony’s young, hip, Spanish, handsome, charming and full of energy—he’s adaptable, flexible, and after a day of hard work’s done, he can let go and have fun!  Three of my girlfriends came in from around the country to this soiree—two of them, Beth and Reagan, are accomplished home chefs.  In fact, Beth was my roommate on the FOX network’s hit show, ‘Master Chef’ Season 2—we both were Top 100 contestants.  Whitney, my third girlfriend, on the other hand, loves to eat, is actually one of my chief taste testers at my South Carolina home, but is not what you’d consider a real ‘chef.’
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The Fairy Tale...Making Ganache Part of this entire deal was that we, and our guests, were helpers, aka, sous chefs, for the big Chef!  Obviously, Chef Anthony picked up on these nuances knowing who could hold a knife correctly, slice and dice, who looked at home in the kitchen, and who needed some hand holding.  So, when Anthony decided to make the dessert, in particular, the spicy chipotle bittersweet chocolate ganache, who did he ask to help with it?  Whitney!  Come see in a few photograph snippets the rollicking fun they had and observe that even a ‘chef de cuisine’ of a Michelin-star restaurant can let go and have fun!



3 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale…Making Ganache”

  1. Hey Ally! You know I love these pics! What a “fairy tale” weekend for us all! Your home provided the most beautiful background for a deliciously good time! And with the sweetest husband in the world, ( l love Ben) and an incredible mix of lovely & fun! people it was a weekend full of great memories. I won’t soon forget the amazing meal Anthony created for us. The ganache moments captured here are so fun! Thank you for sharing the pics and for the incredible opportunity to share in your prize!

    1. Bethie! It wouldn’t have been complete w/o YOU!! And, of course, Ben adores you, just like me!! These special moments, like the ganache, were magical…we’ll hopefully do something like this again…soon!! xo luv you!

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