Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

I want to win a week in one of your Tuscany villas!  Fresh vegetables, farm to table…the eternal youth elixir! You’ll think you’re in Tuscany, eating this luscious garden vegetable vodka cream sauce over your favorite pasta…imagine you’re at a worn peasant table with beautiful linens, heirloom dishes, and wine flowing,  as you dine on this luscious meal!

One thing I know about myself is that when I’m shopping, especially at a summer farmer’s market, I sometimes get carried away!  And, this past Saturday (it’s now Wednesday as I write this recipe/post), I loaded up on veggies while shopping with Ben–he was my ‘pack horse’ carrying everything as I flitted from stand to stand–bless his heart, he’s just so patient with me!

So, now it’s Wednesday, and my veggies haven’t all been used.  They’re starting to get a little puny looking, kind of wrinkling, which comes with aging and when you don’t have any preservatives in them, and drying out.  So as not to have these die on the vine, I decided to create a garden vegetable sauce that has so many uses that the only thing hindering you is your imagination!  That’s what Bohemian Bold cooking is all about–being adventurous, being global and journeying beyond the obvious and typical to the unknown culinary land of new ideas!  With this recipe I’ve let my mind take me to Tuscany in delicious Italy.  My table is set with heirloom linens…the farm table is graced with a huge bowl of pasta and this glorious sauce, crusty warm bread, fresh salad, wine and good friends and family.

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

Makes:  Appx 10+ cups

What you need:

12-15 cups of assorted cubed fresh vegetables, herbs, whole garlic pulsed in food processor until blended (I used celery, carrots, red and purple bell peppers, LOTS of tomatoes, onions, basil, oregano, parsley, 5 garlic cloves, half of a Serrano pepper, small piece of jalapeno pepper, arugula, spinach)—you may need to do several small batches in the food processor

1 cup olive oil (drizzle in the food processor to make blending easier)

½ cup vodka

½ cup sliced green olives

½ cup sliced black olives

½ cup heavy cream

1 ½ cups grated  parmesan cheese

1 tsp sea salt (adjust to taste)

1 tsp fresh ground pepper

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

What you do:

Prepare all the vegetables, herbs, garlic in a food processor using the olive oil to make the grinding easier.  Place pureed veggies in a large skillet.  Turn heat to medium high.  Bring to low simmering boil.  Add vodka and continue cooking another 10 minutes stirring occasionally.  Reduce heat to medium low and add green/black olives, cream and blend.  Add grated cheese, salt and pepper and blend.  Reduce heat to simmer/low, cover and let cook another 20-30 minutes stirring a few times.

This sauce has so so so many applications.  Pasta is the natural first thought.  Try it served over grilled chicken, shrimp, fish, as a pizza base sauce, in layering lasagna, add beans and corn for a soup, fry polenta cakes and use as a topping—the possibilities go on and on and on!

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce

©Alice D’Antoni Phillips    Ally’s Kitchen








13 thoughts on “Garden Vegetable Vodka Cream Pasta Sauce”

  1. Thank you, Ally, for posting this on Mike’s link… sigh. The colors… the flavors… the vodka… :) I stand by my original comment — this one’s a winner!

    1. Oh, Kimby…I luv you! Thank you…actually, this one did win the ‘Best Foodie Blogger’ 2012 sponsored by ‘To Tuscany’…sooooooooooo, I won a trip to Tuscany for this sauce, which, btw, was made by a renowned chef in Chianti…you’re my hero!! :)

  2. I’m really sorry that it looks as though you won’t be going through – and those horrible looking sausages will. I thought your recipe sounded lovely. Sue (submitted no.4 on the list – parmesan polenta towers)

    1. Hi, Sue…thank you, angel, for that sweet comment, but it looks as though we’re both going through…and I love your polenta towers!! They’re delicious looking and I know awesome tasting! Best of luck as we await Chef Nico’s decision :) Ally

  3. Ally, this sounded so delicious on FB that I HAD to come over for the recipe! I liked the thought that you put into “why” your dish qualifies you for a trip to Tuscany (I agree!) and I voted!!!

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