10 Random Ally Facts…Kreativ Blogger Award

Carrie from Carrie’s Experimental Kitchen chose me!  She’s a busy Mom, professionally trained chef, and she’s publishing her first cookbook in summer 2012!  To learn more about Carrie, go to her really cool interesting blog…as you can imagine,  I’m so flattered Carrie tapped me for this award!  I mean of all the foodies on Facebook.  Thank you, darlin’!

The second person to give me this award is the beautiful and talented Melissa at ChinDeep…not only is she a Mom and amazing chef, but she’s an author of two books, both of which I have, and she’s a photographer of excellence.  Last fall I mailed Melissa some of my rosemary from my mammouth bushes in my yard…you would not believe all she created from one box of rosemary!

The third foodie to bestow this honor upon me is the one and only Brit across the pond, Dor, from La Difference Catering!    Dor and I are Scorpio sisters…yes, we both were born on October 28th!  She’s got a saucy sharp British sense of humor, and since we’re in vastly different time zones, we have to work at staying connected, and we DO!!  Dor can flat out bang out some great food, and I would love to someday sneak into her town and surprise her with a visit!  I can only imagine the racous, laughter and giddiness!

Now as part of this award, there are things that I must do…as you know nothing comes without a quid pro quo.  But, this is a fun thing to do…share 10 random things about me!  I know you’re all just dying to know!

So, now I have to do the following:


1. Link back to the person who gave you this award in a post.
2. Share ten (10) random facts about yourself.
3. Pass the award onto six (6) other people.
4. Follow the blog of the person who gave you this award.


 Ten Random Ally Facts

1.  I’ve hiked the Grand Canyon (with my hubby!)  from rim-to-rim at the age of 56 and packed everything on my back, camped in the base of the canyon–have done three more North Rim hikes/camping in the past 6 years.

2.  In my 3rd chapter of life, I’m an actress as well as a foodie blogger.  I’ve done a lot of work in film, TV, printwork, stage plays.  I earned a living as ‘Dr. Alice’, a psychologist, for 30 years.

3.  From the age of 25 to 31, I had 4 boys and got my doctorate in learning disabiities/special education administration.  Oh, yeah, I also worked as a contract psychologist to help pay the bills.

4.  I’ll do a 150-mile fund-raising (for MS) bike ride in two days in June 2012.

5.  I was a definite hippie/flower child in the 1960s and have now transformed those ways into my ‘Bohemian Bold’ style of cooking, eating and living.

6.  I love to watch some of the reality TV shows like ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ ‘The Voice,’ ‘American Idol’

7.  I’ve broken both of my baby toes, and they’re all gnarly!

8.  I like to change up the color of my hair…I’ve been a red head, honey dark blonde, had wine colored highlights in my dark brown hair, had feathers put in my hair…and this has all been in the past 10 years!

9.  I’d love to perform on Broadway.  Even a small walk-on role…hint hint…just in case someone reads this and wants to make my day…well, life!

10.  My three sons all played basketball from tee-ball through Division I college basketball, so I’ve sat on bleachers and screamed and pounded my feet with my #*(&%kickin’ cowgirl boots longer than I want to imagine!

My six picks for this award!

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17 thoughts on “10 Random Ally Facts…Kreativ Blogger Award”

  1. Well you’ve certainly packed in alot my lovely Ally. I can share one of your random facts. I also hiked the canyon and stayed in base-camp, mind you that was in 1988, still have a great love of hiking though I’m not too good at uphills nowadays.
    It’s just fab doing this, you can certainly learn alot from everyone in just 10 random facts. all my love sweetie xxx Dor

    1. Oh, Dor! I’m so impressed!! That is NOT easy hiking the GC and roughing it in base camp…YOU, my dear, are quite the athlete!! Yes, you can learn a bundle from 10 random facts…we are so blessed to have found each other xoxox Ally

    1. That’s toooooo funnny, Melissa! I learned (after the first break) what I SHOULD have done and did it on the second break, hence, that baby toe isn’t quite as deformed and gnarly lookin’!! xoxo :) Ally

    1. Sonali…I”m so glad you luv ‘The Voice’ too! For me, I really like and learn from the comments, even expressions of the judges…and the talent…omg, it blows me away. xox :) Ally

  2. Thank you, Ally, for passing along this award. Receiving it from you is the ultimate compliment, and I feel honored to be included in a group of bloggers whose pages so impress and inspire me. I look forward to seeing so many more amazing things from your kitchen and replaying lots of them in my kitchen!

    1. You are so sweet, Ann! I just adore you, and luv your spirit and zest for life and cooking. :) I get so much enjoyment from sharing and getting ideas, input, and feedback from others…it’s a constant learning curve! Tonight I did another bread to add to the ‘peasant collection’…it’s a ‘Meyer Lemon and Fresh Mint’ peasant bread…I call it ‘peace and love’…groooveee! xoox Ally :)

    1. You’re so welcome, Carrie…it was fun coming up w/the 10 random facts and then sharing w/my 6 foodies…there are so many foodies that I could have given it to…that was the hardest part!! :) Ally xox

  3. Congratulations on the award, Ally — well deserved! Smilin’ over your cowgirl boots (yeehaw!) and all of your accomplishments, past and present. Hoping you can add Broadway walk-on STAR to your “dreams come true” list soon. :)

  4. Awww, Thank you sweet Ally for tagging me in this award, I am honored!!! You have me tired out, just reading all that you have done:-) I love it!!! I always said I wanted to hike the Grand Canyon, but never did in the 15 years I lived in Arizona:-p You are really fantastic, and a true inspiration! Sending lots of love and hugs your way:-)

    1. Well, that’s usually the case, Terra…we don’t take advantage of things in our ‘own back yards’…hey, I live at the beach, and do I go, no! Life for me is all about doing something each day that makes me squirm and wiggle, gives me cause for pause, even scares me…don’t let it slip thru your fingers…I realize that immensely now at the ripe ol’ age of 62! xoxo :) Ally

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