Lamb Quinoa Tarragon Lemon Tuscan Kale Rolls

Your tastebuds will travel to the Middle East as you cut your first bite of this succulent ‘Lamb Quinoa Tarragon Lemon Tuscan Kale Roll.’   The myriad of textures and flavors are punctuated by the Saucy Mama Tarragon Lemon Mustard that combines with fresh tarragon, grated asiago, and ground lamb.  Nestled in a bath of marinara sauce, the superfood, Tuscan kale earthy and warm, wraps all these great tastes into one stunning and chic roll!

Makes:  6 servings (or 8 rolls)

Calories per serving:  Appx 300/each

PreHeat Oven 375


What you need:

8 large Tuscan Kale leaves (appx 10 calories each)

1 lb ground veal (653 calories)

½ tsp sea salt

1 tsp coarse ground pepper

¾ cup partially cooked (about 7 minutes) and cooled quinoa (170 calories)

(Note:  The quinoa will bake completely once in the rolls.)

1 beaten egg (74 calories)

1 tbl extra virgin olive oil (119 calories)

3 tsp Saucy Mama Tarragon Lemon Mustard (30 calories)

2 tsp fresh chopped tarragon (10 calories)

1 tsp chopped garlic (10 calories)

½ cup Italian bread crumbs (220 calories)

12 oz organic jarred Marinara sauce (225 calories)

(Note:  Buy a good brand…its worth it!)

½ to ¾ (each) tsp of freshly grated cheese (asiago or parmesan) for garnishing each serving (appx 35 per calories/per serving)

 What you do:

Wash Tuscan kale leaves.  Cut off about 2-3” from bottom especially the thick stem part.  Fold kale leaves and trim some of the spine being careful not to cut through.  You just want to get some of the woody part off.  In a large pot, bring about 8 cups of water to a boil.  Place leaves in for only about 10-15 seconds.  This will soften them so they’re pliable for rolling. With tongs, remove and place on towel to drain and dry.

In a large mixing bowl combine all of the ingredients and blend well with spoon.  I use my hands to squish and blend everything together really well.

Lay out tender Tuscan kale leaf right side down.  Using a measuring scoop, put about 1/3 to ½ cup of meat in the middle of the leaf.  Starting with the stem end of the leave, flip about half over the meat.  Fold and tuck the sides of the leaf around the meat.  Finish with folding the opposite end of the leave.  Take a 4” skewer to secure the leaf closed.  Repeat this with all the leaves and meat mixture.

Put about ¾ cup of marinara sauce in the bottom of a cast iron skillet.  Place the rolled Tuscan kale leaves on top.  Scoop remaining marinara sauce over the rolls.

Cover and bake in a preheated 375 oven for 40-45 minutes.  When done, remove and let rest for 15-20 minutes.  Serve with grating some fresh asiago or parmesan cheese on top.

©Alice D’Antoni Phillips   Ally’s Kitchen



10 thoughts on “Lamb Quinoa Tarragon Lemon Tuscan Kale Rolls”

  1. Mmmmm mmmm good I love the sound of this recipe very mucho! Thank you Ally…gosh I wish we were neighbours . you just bring food alive xoxo

  2. Ally I am making this again today, Dad is here for lunch and I am going to impress him with this yummy recipe, Have a good day sweet Ally xxx

    1. Oh, goodie gooodie goodie!! I hope Papa loves it as much as we do…please tell him that Ally Cat is putting her transcontinental love, spirit and soul into it!! xoxox :) Hugs to my best girl!! Ally

  3. Ally these are all of my favorite flavours and I am so glad you brought them together. Going to make this for friends in a couple of weeks. Thank you xoxo

    1. Beverley! We must totally be kin somehow! I, too, just love these flavors, hence, putting them together, and, of course, the Tuscan kale, if you can find it, is so very very healthy…makes us run faster and jump higher in life! Thank you, sweet friend, for sharing the luv!! xoxo :) Ally

    1. Thank you, Sonali!! I luv them both, and these stuffed rolls get better the next day!! Thanks so much for being so very supportive and such a great friend xoxo :) Ally

  4. I think I’m commenting on everything…this, especially, is one of my favorite ways to welcome spring…lamb, kale (instead of grape leaves) and I love the addition of a tarragon mustard to tie it all together…Mmmmmmmm

    1. It is very Middle Eastern-like, huh? Thanks, Mr. Scott, always luv having your keen culinary eye and opinion! xxo Ally :)

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