“One Lovely Blog Award”

“One Lovely Blog Award”

Foodie Bloggers are a passionate and unique group of people.  Some have day jobs and blog by night.  Some are mothers and fathers who stay-at-home and juggle and spin multiple plates including having a blog.  Some are high level professionals, doctors, lawyers, engineers, psychologists.  Some have abandoned their training to pursue their love of food.  One thing we all have in common is a love of food, sharing, creating new dishes, and watching others delight in our work!

Foodies award other foodies with recognition.  These are awards are not taken lightly because the person bestowing it upon you has given considerable thought into just who will be a recipient…I mean there are thousands and thousands of foodie bloggers in the Foodie Universe!



I received the Versatile Blogger and One Lovely Blog Award from ‘Chef in Disguise,’ and I am honored and humbled. Now, as part of this award I must share some things about myself then pass on this award to five (5) bloggers.




Describe yourself in 7 words…

Adventurous, Creative, Caring, Athletic, Loving, Energetic, Funny


What keeps you up at night?

The main thing that keeps me up at night is a specific ‘worry’ about my children, grandchildren, family and people I love and care about.  I’m good at compartmentalizing things and putting ‘priorities’ on issues in my life in order to decide how much and how intensely I’m going to ‘worry.’  Most of the time, I can put the issue/situation/circumstance in perspective and circumvent a lot of worrying, however, there are times when I just cannot let something go.


Who would you like to be?

Gosh, that’s a hard one…I like who I am, who I’ve become, who I’ve grown in to over the past 62 years.  However, I think it would be interesting to ‘shadow’ another/others for a while and see ‘if the grass is greener’ and what life is like when  you’re on the outside looking in!

What scares you?

Being ‘at the mercy’…I don’t ever want to be a burden on anyone, especially my children.  I want to grow old strong and healthy and with my faculties intact.  The thought of dementia and the ailments that just come with ‘old age’ make me work very hard each and every day to take care of myself and to be able to take care of myself.



What are the best and  worst things about blogging?

Best things…definitely meeting so many amazing people all over the world, forming relationships, sharing information, exchanging ideas…the world has shrunk exponentially since I started blogging, and I feel as if I have hundreds of foodie neighbors that I wake up to each morning and await their interaction!

Worst things…it can be addictive…I want to cook more and more…photograph more and more…enter food contests more and more…it consumes your waking hours and time…like an addict, you say, ‘just one more post…blog…picture…’  Plus it’s not good for your neck, back, etc. sitting long hours at a computer!


What is the last website you looked at?

The Newlywed Blog’s ‘Recipe Linky’!

If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it  be?

To be more patient especially with others when I’m so immersed in my blogging ‘world.’  I get very irritated when I’m interrupted.  I get impatient when my agenda and plans are delayed.  I have to remind myself that this foodie blogging is an ‘avocation’ not a vocation.  It’s not the world, my life, my identity.  I work at this ‘change’ everyday and am learning to be more understanding and patient!

Slankets, yes or no?

No…had to Google, and a big fat NO!


Tell us something  about the person who tagged you…

Sawsan is an incredible woman…she works by day as an orthodontist and by night she’s the mother to two adorable kids.  Having raised my 3 boys, who are now grown men, and worked as a professional psychologist, but not having FB or foodie blogging those years ago, I stand in utter amazement as to how Sawsan does all she does!  Not only is she a talented and gifted home chef, but she’s a dang great amature food photographer.  I know how much time it takes to take photos–sometimes you take 50 to get just one that is the best for posting!  Sawson, who I know is loving, kind, caring, warm, lives in Jordan and having her in my life is something that I never would have even fathomed 10 years ago!  I mean Jordan…South Carolina…east meets west in the kitchen!

I’m passing on this tag to the following 5 bloggers…in reality, I could pass it on to 25, but I have to leave those others for these bloggers to choose.. hope you haven’t been tagged before so the fun can spread around:

Melissa from ChinDeep

Bia from Rich and Sweet

Karie from Celebrating Home with Karie Engels

Nettie from Moore or Less Cooking Blog

Kc from Chat n’ Dish


My five bloggers’ answers to the questions and guess who they tagged!

Melissa at ChinDeep

What keeps you up at night? ~~

Not being able to turn off my~~




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